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KDP Screw Pumps
Dry screw vacuum pumps operate without oil or water in the vacuum chamber. Because of their straight through design, they can handle both condensable vapors and solids without leaving residue in the pumping chamber. Because there is no metal-to-metal contact in the pumping mechanism, wear is greatly reduced.The use of highly efficient mechanical seals provides constant high vacuums without leakage of oil or cooling water.

CFM 90 TO 460Typical Applications: Chemical Processing, Forming, Solvent Recovery, Crystallization, Dry Etching, Sputtering, Vapor Recovery.

Ask for Data Sheet number 1140

Also, consider the Ulvac Heliot Vacuum Leak Detector in your order.

High Vacuum High Vacuums With No Oil Or Water In The Pumping Chamber

With no oil, water, or other liquids in the pumping chamber, Kinney KDP Dry Vacuum Pumps eliminate the problems of process contamination, waste disposal, and environmental pollution.  The simple design of these pumps (only two counter rotating rotors) allows extremely rugged construction and, since there is no metal-to-metal contact between rotors, wear and maintenance is greatly reduced.

The single stage, straight through design simplifies installation and piping and allows process materials to flow through without collection or accumulating in the pump. The design is also tolerant of process byproducts such as liquids, condensates, and fine particulates. The use of Durametallic seals assures leakproof integrity and allows ease of seal replacement if required. Some of the benefits of this system are:

Dry pump chamber:

No oil or water in contact with the process.  Contamination is avoided.

No Contact:

Clearance between the operating parts. Nothing to wear out.


Only two rotors turning in cylindrical bores. Fewer parts. Fewer dimension control clearances. Fewer problems.

Robust configuration:

Simple design provides a strong, durable construction for heavy duty industrial applications.

Single stage:

One suction port and one discharge port.  Just one step in your process. No mid-process components.

Straight through flow:

Fewer places for process materials to collect.

Wide operating range:

Full pumping speed from atmosphere down to 1 Torr, with ultimate pressure 0.1 Torr or lower.

Process tolerance:

Because of the simple, robust design, some process byproducts such as liquids, condensate, or dust can be tolerated.

Corrosion-resistant rotors:

Standard teflon rotor coating prevents rust or corrosion build-up. Optional coatings are available.

Mechanical seals:

Durametallic seals. Seals and seat are both replaceable and readily available.

Proven design:

Hundreds of similar pumps are in operation today in industrial process applications.

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